January 2019 Board Meeting
January 2019 Board Meeting

January 2019 Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2019 6:00PM.

Attendance: Bob Arnold, Doug Simcox, Kyle Gottschalk, Dee Schweikle, Scott, Snowden, Don Morgan, Michael Teator, Lauren Keach, Jared Byrd, Anthony Pistilli, Eric Hauk, Brady William. (Phone)

  1. Doug Called to order
  2. Jared summarized December Meeting Minutes
    1. Kyle Motioned to close meeting minutes, Bob Second, Moved
  3. Bob Financial Review
    1. Midas delinquent of sponsorship funds totaling $1,000
    2. YoY ending savings is down $5,500 including large equipment expense in 2018
      1. Last two events in the season netted a loss of $1,800
    3. Investigate the strategy for reimbursements for cancelled events – Complete
      1. November Meeting Update - Contact via MSR and issue payment once contacted, a total of $605
      2. Per Michael T. refunds can be issued through MSR and we can avoid the 6% MSR service fee incurred by the club
    4. Banquet
      1. Discussion around hosting at MB2 lead to the belief it would cost the club too much out of pocket money.  Estimates of $6500 to have alcohol and a traditional awards banquet.  Recommendations to search elsewhere to host the awards banquet
        1. Erik and Doug will review with Don within a week – Complete
    5. Eric motion to close December Financials, Lauren second, Moved
  4. General Board Business
    1. Discussion on forms of electronic voting reveals Facebook can be edited retroactively and should not be used.
    2. Eric Motion to allow use of Docu-sign as form of electronic official business, defer to vote until more details are shared at next BoD Meeting
    3. Eric Motion to amend bylaws to incorporate “Dead Board Member” policy whereas BoD members under 70% attendance at scheduled BoD Meetings to be removed from their position.  Jared Seconds, 4 votes for, 4 votes nay, Not Moved.
      1. Clarifying point is that the motion was to offer the bylaw amendment to the membership
  5. Operations / Solo Event Needs
    1. New Business
      1. SCCA Nationals representative, Hayward Wagner has approached Eric Hauck for assistance and support from CKR in running the SCCA Nationals Time Trials at National Corvette Museum in 2019.  There would be financial commitment, but the National Club would reimburse any financial losses incurred in the first year.
        1. ​Both Kentucky Region and Eastern Tennessee Region have been contact in similar fashion with intent of a total of three regions to help organize event.  
        2. There is currently a Solo event scheduled September 29, 2019 that would conflict with the Sept 27-30 Solo Nationals TT.  It is proposed to deconflict the schedule by moving our Solo event. 
    2. A policy will be offered for board review to formalize the amount of money offered for SCCA Solo Nationals participants each year.
  6. Old Business
    1. Need a rain/weather policy for Solo events in place by March
      1. Motion to assign Solo Chair, Cindy Duncan to incorporate inclement weather policy in the 2019 Supplemental Solo Rules.  Regional Executive, Doug Simcox to meet with her in guidance to develop policy.
  7. March 9th (Saturday) Trailer Cleaning
    1. Items to consider purchasing at that time
      1. Pylons
      2. Chalk Line Maker
      3. Trailer repair
    2. Jared to post dates on Website
  8. Banquet
    1. Occuring at the Embassy Suites
    2. George will host Italian auction
    3. Catering is provided in house
    4. $1500 trophy budget – Andy ordered trophies
    5. Need to declare charity
      1. Eric reached out to Lexington Police Department and was offered suggestion of the Fallen Officers Foundation.  As well reached out to the Bluegrass Stockyards and was offered suggestions around professional and high school FAA groups. 
  9. Promotions / Sponsorship
    1. Comments to think about non-compete clauses in future sponsorship agreements
  10. Membership Activities
    1. Tirerack Street Survival School to be considered in 2019
    2. Next Membership Meeting will be January 17, 2019 at Roosters, Jared to post on Website
    3. Roosters is approved for February 21, 2019, Jared to post on Website
  11. Community Activities
    1. Considering doing an event similar to Indy Region called “Beat the Heat” with charitable efforts offered to the Fallen Officers Foundation
    2. It will informally be offered to membership for suggestion on Facebook
  12. Adjourn
    1. Next Meeting will be February 7, 2019 at MB2
    2. Eric motion to adjourn meeting, Kyle second, moved