February 2019 Meeting Minutes
February 2019 Meeting Minutes

February 2019 Meeting Minutes

CKR SCCA Board meeting, February 7, 2019 6:00PM.

Attendance: Bob Arnold, Doug Simcox (phone), Lauren Keach, Eric Hauk, Scott Snowden, Kyle Gottschalk (phone), Jared Byrd, George Schweikle, Dee Schweikle, Michael Teator, Cindy Duncan (Phone)


  1. Jared Called to order
  2. Jared summarized January Meeting Minutes
  3. Bob Financial Review
    1. $1800 sent to Embassy Suites for banquet
    2. All sponsors invoiced for Q1/1H sponsorship money
    3. Bob sent financials to BoD Insurance firm for directors’ insurance
    4. Open item to create 2019 budget
    5. Eric Move to approve, Lauren 2nd, so moved
  4. General Board Business
  5. Operations / Solo Event Needs
    1. New Business
    2. Old Business
      1. SCCA Nationals representative, Hayward Wagner has approached Eric Hauck for assistance and support from CKR in running the SCCA Nationals Time Trials at National Corvette Museum in 2019.  Update - There would be no financial commitment to participate in co-hosting this event. 
        1. There is currently a Solo event scheduled September 29, 2019 that would conflict with the Sept 27-30 Solo Nationals TT.  It is proposed to deconflict the schedule by moving our Solo event on September 30
        2. KYR hosting TT even at NCM on August 24-25.  It is proposed to deconflict the schedule by moving our Solo event on August 25
    3. A policy offered by Doug to the board for review to formalize the amount offered for SCCA Solo Nationals participants each year. Summarized, as reimbursement of up to $100/person for attendants 1-10 and $1000/# of attendants/person for attendants 11+, discussion tabled for next BoD Meeting
    4. Need a rain/weather policy for Solo events in place by March
    5. Proposed inclement weather policy posted on Board Facebook Page for review, discussion tabled for next BoD Meeting
    6. March 9th (Saturday) Trailer Cleaning
      1. Items to consider purchasing at that time
        1. Pylons
        2. Chalk Line Maker
        3. Trailer repair
      2. Banquet
      1. Occuring at the Embassy Suites
      2. George will host Italian auction
      3. Catering is provided in house
      4. $1500 trophy budget – Andy ordered trophies
      5. Need to declare charity – Complete
        1. Dee recommends Lexington Women’s Club Cloth a child foundation (501-3C charitable foundation)  
        2. Lauren move to nominate Lexington Women’s Foundation as charitable foundation for the proceeds from the Year End Banquet, Bob 2nd, so moved
  6. Promotions / Sponsorship
  7. Membership Activities
    1. Next Membership Meeting will be February 21, 2019 at Roosters
  8. Community Activities
  9. Adjourn
    1. Next Meeting will be March 7, 2019 at MB2
    2. Bob motion to adjourn meeting, Lauren second, moved