March 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
March 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

March 2019 Meeting Minutes

CKR SCCA Board meeting, March 7, 2019 6:00PM.

Attendance: Bob Arnold, Doug Simcox, Lauren Keach, Eric Hauk (phone), Kyle Gottschalk, Jared Byrd, George Schweikle, Dee Schweikle, Michael Teator, Brady Williams (phone)


  1. Doug Called to order
  2. Doug summarized February Meeting Minutes.  Motion to accept and all aye.
  3. Bob Financial Review
    1. Several sponsors paid previous sponsor commitments.
    2. $4238 to charity from auction and other donations @ banquet.
    3. Discussion of credit process for no shows on MSR
    4. Motion to accept financials, Lauren motions, Jared seconds, All aye
    5. BUDGET
      1. Bob prepared budget using 2018 as starting point
      2. Discussion of aquiring director insurance for the club.  A proposal will be prepared for discussion.
      3. Bondage for Bob
  4. General Board Business
    1. DocuSign worked better than sliced cheese.
  5. Operations / Solo Event Needs
    1. New Business
      1. Discussing eligiblity for annual rewards.
    2. Old Business
      1. Trailer Cleaning is Saturday the 9th
      2. Also Safety Steward Training to stop kids smoking in grid riding dogs.
    3. Event Cancellation Policy for weather to be completed by the 15th of some month.  April?  Yeah.  April.
      1. 2 safety stewards confirmed for event
      2. Fun Events
        1. 70% rain or 50% thunder
        2. *and* 40 pre-registered (not necessarily pre-paid)
      3. Points Events
        1. 80% rain or 70% thunder
        2. *and* TBD pre-registered competitors  
    4. Solo Schedule
      1. 14 total events, 9 points events.  Solo school is waiting a date.
    5. Nationals can now accept all waivers for retention.
    6. Event Chairs - Using SignupGenius
  6. Promotions / Sponsorship
  7. Membership Activities
    1. Next Membership Meeting will be at Roosters on March 21st.
    2. Reimbursements for nationals
      1. Added language for eligibility & date.
      2. $1000 budget allocated, $100 max per competitor, must be current CKR member at time of Nationals.
  8. Community Activities
    1. Need charity for BG event
  9. Adjourn
    1. Next Meeting will be April 4th, 2019 at MB2
    2. Jared motion to adjourn meeting, Lauren second, moved.  Kyle neeeeeeiiiiiighed.