May 2019 Meeting Minutes
May 2019 Meeting Minutes

 Central Kentucky Region SCCA

Board Meeting Agenda

May 2, 2019


  1. Call to Order & Roll Call:  Bob, Brady, Jared, Lauren, Kyle, Erik (call in); Also Dee, George, Michael, Cindy (call in)


  1. Review and Approval of April Meeting Minutes - Lauren motions, Brady approves, we reminded him that's wrong, so he now seconded.  Everyone has Ayes.


  1. Financials
    1. Review and Approval of April Financials - Brady motions, Bob seconded, All Aye, except Kyle he I'd.
    2. Action Step Review
    3. New Business
      1. Budget Review and Approval - Purchasing 60 cones.


  1. General Board Business


  1. Operations / Solo Event Needs
    1. Action Step Review
      1. School at the Pad on June 1st, event the 2nd.
      2. Doing the event thing on June 11th, club paid $2k for it.  Making it rain.
      3. May 19th event chair - Angry Giraffe - Lauren
      4. June 1st event chair - Crowd Killer - Cindy
      5. June 2nd event chair - Subway Guy - Jared
    2. New Business - Adding checkbox to MSR for acceping license stuff, non pre-regs will present license at registration window.


  1. Promotions / Sponsorships
    1. Action Step Review
      1. Eric to provide information for any web design changes needed for new sponsorship arrangements.
    2. New Business
  1. Membership Activities
    1. Action Step Review
    2. New Business


  1. Community Activities


  1. Adjourn
    1. Next Meeting Date.  - Kyle BM, Brady Seconds BMs, all AYEYEYEYEYEYEYYE