June 2019 Meeting Minutes
June 2019 Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to Order
  2. Review and Approval of May Meeting Minutes – Eric motions, Jared seconds – so moved
  3. Financials
    1. Bob not yet updated May financials, we will review in July BoD meeting
    2. Lexington Women’s club received donation banquet Italian Auction
    3. Bob purchased 60 cones – action complete
  4. General Board Business
    1. BoD Insurance
  5. Operations
    1. June 23 – Pad
      1. Event chair – Jared B.
      2. Caribbean Spice Food Truck will be invited to this event
    2. June 30 – Stockyards
      1. Event chair – Kyle G. / Eric H.
      2. Charity event
        1. Still need a charity to donate, will post for recommendation on FB
      3. Site planning to better utilize site from last year
      4. FYI KY SCCCA is hosting event same day at EXPO Center
    3. Still need to add check box to MSR for accepting license stuff, non-pre-regs will present license at registration window
    4. George inquired about availability to rent parking lot on other side of pad, waiting to hear back
  6. Promotions / Sponsorship
    1. Eric provided web design changes needed for new sponsorship arrangements.
  7. Membership Activities
  8. Community Activities
  9. Adjourn
    1. Next meeting Date July 11th
    2. Kyle motions, Brady seconds