October 2019 Meeting Minutes
October 2019 Meeting Minutes

Date: 10/3/2019

Attendance: Bob Arnold, Jared Byrd, Kyle Gottschalk Scott Snowden, Doug Simcox, Dee Schweikle, George Schweikle, Brady Williams


  • Financials
    • Financials in good standing
    • Midas delinquent on sponsorship check in the total of $2500
    • BoD Insurance paid in the full amount of $892/year
    • Gates Q3 sponsorship check will soon be invoiced
    • Brady Motions to close financials, Kyle seconds, vote approves
  • General BoD Business
    • Vetting cloud services to act as archive for operating documents for Board access only
    • Motion by Doug to create separate cash funds into three divisions General fund, Capital fund, Equipment fun each with agreed upon minimums.  Jared 1st’s motion, Kyle seconds, vote approves
    • New officer nominations will be open through November Member Meeting, voting will occur at the Nov Member meeting and official hand over will occur at the December Board Meeting
    • Jared to communicate October Member Meeting at Athenian Grill on Locust Hill via Facebook and Website while including information about available positions
  • Brad motions to close meeting, Bob Seconds