January 2020 Meeting Minutes
January 2020 Meeting Minutes
  1. Call to order
    1. Josh, Porter, George, Dee, Brady, Kyle, Tom, Nick, Jared, Lauren
  2. Review & approval of December 2019
    1. Motion: Porter
    2. Second: Brady
    3. Approve: everyone
  3. Financials
    1. We should probably spend some money on the banquet (February 1)
      1. Agreed minimum balance of $2k
      2. Bucky gets $1400 for trophies
      3. Everyone pays $25 each
        1. Club pays $37 per head
      4. Service charge makes it $2480 or something like that. (24.8%)
      5. Raffle for free season of autox?
      6. How will we let people know about registration and such?
        1. MotorsportsReg
        2. Share registration link via email and Facebook
        3. Registration must be in by Wednesday before event
      7. Sanctioning to get insurance from SCCA
      8. Lets get a roll of tickets for the raffle. They’re probably somewhere
      9. Italian auction
        1. Mention it in event information for MotorsportReg
        2. Also bring it up again in the email reminders 
        3. Dee is going to send over the wording
      10. We need to make sure the KYR people know about it
    2. Porter is being snarky
    3. Check with Nationals about “Years of service” pins?
    4. Approval to close December financials
      1. Motion: Porter
      2. Second: Josh
      3. Approve: everyone
  4. Solo calendar
    1. Cattleyards
      1. Fourth of July?
        1. Possibility that we aren’t going to get it
      2. 9 owners, so might be difficult
      3. Are we going to try to do a Solo School?
    2. Formula SAE
      1. Events at Orange Lot
        1. May, June, July
        2. Switch event location from Pad to UK?
        3. Have Pad reserved, just cancel if UK work
      2. Saturday school, Sunday event?
    3. Maybe see about getting keys to the Pad for Porter
      1. Co-lock
  5. Operational needs
      1. Develop a committee to source this out?
      2. See if George has a folder of information from the last time they got a trailer
      3. George and Porter are gonna work on this, maybe Bucky too
        1. Try to get some stuff by March board meeting
      4. Maybe try to sell the old trailer?
        1. 2.5k or so?
        2. Maybe try to trade in the old one for a new one?
      5. Let’s try to get this thing replaced this season
    2. Who is gonna haul the trailer?
      1. Maybe not rent truck anymore
      2. Contracts to protect both driver and club
      3. Benefits for those who offer to use their own trucks?
    3. Waivers
      1. How to determine who is who, where they’re allowed 
      2. Waiver chief
        1. Robert Bowman
    4. Stuff for trailer
      1. Toner
      2. Official basket of batteries
        1. AA batteries 
        2. 9v batteries
      3. Contractor crayons
      4. Annual tech stickers
      5. Two colors of wristbands
        1. Tune up our clipboards
      6. Make a barrier of lightweight chain to keep people where they belong 
  6. New business
    1. Operations handbook
      1. Google Drive?
        1. Everyone log in under one account?
        2. Or shared through email?
      2. Microsoft OneDrive?
        1. Same questions as above
    2. Board/Member apparel
      1. Ask KYR where they sourced their polos and such
      2. Member t-shirts and such
      3. Maybe see if Gates wants to sponsor shirts or something again
    3. Enthusiast of the Year Award
      1. Board vote?
      2. For excellence?
      3. Maybe rename it again?
      4. Get it back from Mark Manual
  7. Members meeting
    1. Wenchells: Kinda busy, not totally sold on it
    2. Athenian Grill: Closed
    3. Shamrocks: Pretty solid
    4. Marika’s: Kinda loud.
      1. Do they have private room options?
    5. Sawyers: maybe try to see if they have changed their scheduling 
    6. Edley’s: could be a solid option
    7. Goodfella’s: every time I’ve been has been kinda loud
      1. Maybe offer a sponsorship with their name on it in exchange for a room to use for them
  8. Adjourn
    1. Okay we done
    2. Motion: Everyone
    3. Second: Everyone:
    4. Approve: Everyone