January 2017 Meeting Minutes
January 2017 Meeting Minutes

CKR SCCA Board meeting, January 5, 2017 6PM. 


Attendees: Don Morgan, Anthony Pistilli, Justin Harbour, Doug Simcox, George and Dee Schweikle, Jeremy Porter, Bob Arnold, Jared Byrd, Zach Jones

  1. Financial review
    1. Bob – sponsorship check came in from Gates, overall revenue up $1000 from prior year
    2. Attendance was about the same (down about 32 total), but overall expenses were a bit lower.
    3. Discussion about axware, generator
    4. Don M. motioned to accept, Justin H. seconded, approved.
  2. Operations
    1. Action steps
      1. Purchase a wifi/mifi puck for event computers (Bob A.) – Open
      2. Monitor for announce client (Bob A.) – open
      3. Trailer organization to be scheduled (Don M.), should ask Gary Crow if he’d be chief of trailer organization.
      4. How to organize a solo event:
        1. Checklists, Laura H. nominated.  On-hold to February board meeting
        2. G. Schweikle mentioned that the Boreen’s would be willing to have a live meeting on Thursday January 26 with CKR members to discuss region development.  George will schedule.  Zach to organize an agenda Google Doc.
        3. 2017 Schedule
          1. Justin to check with Laura on status of our schedule vs. KYR (and other possible regions like Cincy, ETR, or TN);
      5. SCCA national convention: plans are set.
      6. Trophies: Don Morgan, trophies are set, will pick them up.
      7. Event Trophies: discussed points system for merchandise as event trophies, we need to check on supply of trophy glasses and make a decision from there.
      8. Divisional meeting: everyone seemed to like
    2. Promotions
      1. Brady failed
      2. Awards Banquet
        1. Confirmed January 14 at Legends, thanks to Don Morgan, Bob sent deposit, insurance taken care of.
        2. Bob mentioned that we need someone to take care of registration.
        3. CKR SCCA to donate a NT/MT/Pro Solo entry and a Nats entry.  Need more detail, George to verify.
        4. Justin to figure out how to take credit cards at the banquet.
        5. Don to check on special trophies for National champions.
        6. Selecting a charity for the awards banquet: New Shriner’s hospital
        7. Doug to make order of events.
        8. No major purchases on the docket that needs membership approval.
      3. Positions and nominations that remain open
        1. Dee has provided information to Laura; we may want to advertise it at the banquet.
  3. Next meeting:
    1. Need to discuss work refusals
    2. Discuss job duty descriptions (need to determine if it’s on the CKR website).
    3. Membership: how to work solo rookies to become solo veterans.
    4. Membership: Sawyer’s advertising worked well, need to think of more things like that.
    5. Need to discuss food truck again.
    6. Scheduled Feb 2.
    7. Axware training and SSS training.
  4. Meeting adjourned.