February 2017 Meeting Minutes
February 2017 Meeting Minutes

CKR SCCA Board meeting, February 2, 2017 6PM.

Attendees: Brady Williams, Doug Simcox, Zach Jones, Michael Snowden, Matthew Jacobs, Justin Harbour, Laura Harbour, Dee & George Schweikle, Jessie and Alex as guests of the club

  1. Call to order
  2. Review and approval of January meeting minutes
    1. Laura motioned to approve, Dee seconded. Approved.
  3. Financials
    1. Review: discussion of checks and formal record for payments to board members, this would require a document to be kept in club files with two board members signing.
    2. Will discussion further with Bob.
    3. Board of directors Insurance Coverage:
      1. Suggestion of getting Treasurer and RE bonded for insurance purposes.
    4. Justin motions, Zach seconds.
  4. Operations
    1. Action step review (need to carry action steps forward):
      1. Trailer cleaning schedule: plans to put slightly more effort into organization, put on website (Justin to work with Michael). March 5 is current suggested date.
      2. Organize a solo event
        1. Doug suggested hosting an event at the Cellar to cover the list.  Wed. February 8th 6:30 PM  Scheweikle’s to find out if room is avail.
        2. Boreen’s to come on February 16 concurrent with Sawyer’s membership meeting.
        3. 2017 Schedule: cincy has no schedule, we have minimized date conflicts with KYSCCA.  EKU is waiting on Band Camp’s to return schedule to OK us, PAD has not responded and will be re-queried, Whitaker park has also not yet responded. Vote affirmed placing tentative scheduled on website.  Discussion turned to organizing the autocross school.
        4. Cindy Duncan has agreed to be Chief of Novices.
      3. We had a wrap-up session on January 26 for the National Convention.
      4. We suggested getting a corrected trophy for Cindy, this is in progress.
      5. Event trophies: more complicated point system is tabled to determine if we can get an inventory of current glasses.  Laura suggested additional novice trophies.
      6. Divisional Meeting: March 11 in Findley OH.  Doug, Michael, and Matthew planning on going, will there the day before.  It is noted that the club will vote in a future board meeting to approve expenses for this meeting for attendees.
    2. New Action Steps
      1. Zach to contact Teator for a class on AxWare (maybe at Bucky’s shop)
      2. Make a list of active steps
      3. Justin to put a notice of the divisional meeting on CKRSCCA.org
      4. Safety Steward Training – Need to decide on date, George to administer.  March 5th after trailer cleaning was suggested.
    3. We had a wrap-up session on January 26 for the National Convention.
  5. Promotions
    1. Reviewed banquet and noted that Doug can use Facebook.  Doug also wants to start planning the next banquet in August.  $678 will be donated to Shriner’s children hospital from Italian Auction. $205 is available from the raffles, we need to determine what to do with that money (possible donation).
    2. Positions and nominations that remain open: chiefs of course, workers, and trailer.  T&S was mentioned that they Ray’s had shown interested.
    3. Event chair position was discussed, Laura said she needs to get a list together first as this is a new method for our club.
    4. We did discuss closing registration early to get run/work and grid assignments done prior to the event.
    5. Laura suggested we need an active sponsorship chair.  Dee suggested Andy Buck, there was laughter.
  6. Membership
    1. Doug suggested setting up a separate membership meeting, to go over promotions and other special items/events to keep people interested.  At the Cellar.
    2. We need to check on business cards (some are in the trailer, in theory).
    3. Michael suggested TextMyCell for Text blasts.  We’ll need to approve this use (opt-in).
    4. It devolved into discussing cars and coffee, the secretary checked out at this point.
  7. Community
    1. Tire Rack Street Survival – Doug wants to try to get it done, George suggested getting tied in with university children’s hospital with a fallback of the Pad.
    2. Charity: should be declare Shriner’s for the year, George asked what Toyota’s corporate charity, we might want to angle towards them.
    3. SCCA foundation.  We do want to keep this charity that supports education and safety programs.
  8. Adjourn
    1. The discussions from January meeting were moved to the next meeting due to time.
    2. Next board meeting is March 2nd 2017.