March 2017 Meeting Minutes
March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the Board of Directors of the Central Kentucky Region of the Sports Car Club of America

March 2, 2017


Attendance – Brady Williams, Don Morgan, Bob Arnold, Zach Jones, Michael Snowden, Matthew Jacobs, Anthony Pistilli. George Schweickle and Dee Schweickle.  Michael Teator, Jesse & Alex.

  • Bob Arnold called the meeting to order at shortly after 6 O’clock.


  • Minutes from Previous Board Meeting
    • Don Morgan moved to approve the minutes from the February meeting.  Matt Jacobs seconded the motion.  All board members present voted to approve the minutes.


  • Financials
    • Bob Arnold delivered the financial report to the board, including a proposed budget for the year.
    • Matt Jacobson moved to approve the budget and financial report.  Don Morgan seconded the motion.  All members present voted to approve the financial report and proposed budget.


  • Operations
    • Insurance -
      • Bob Arnold inquired to SCCA re Directors and Officers liability coverage for board members.  SCCA nationals replied that they were, but simply copy/pasted a section out of the policy that appears to be ambiguous.
      • After discussion, Bob Arnold plans to follow up for a clearer response, such as a letter from SCCA counsel or the insurance carrier stating whether D&O liability is covered under the SCCA’s liability policy.
    • Trailer Cleaning
      • Trailer cleaning will take place on Sunday, March 5 at Andy’s Auto Truck Accessories, with safety steward class to follow.  We will send an email blast later in the week as a reminder of this event.
      • The consensus is that Justin Harbour had volunteered to bring the trailer.  Someone will contact Justin to confirm whether this is correct.
    • Truck Rental
      • Bob Arnold has sent request, but has not gotten a response.  His plan is to follow up this week.
    • Axe-ware renewal
      • Michael Teator will take care of renewing the region’s axe-ware license.


  • Operations – New Business
    • Takeaways from meeting with Raleigh and Velma Boreen
      • The focus of the meeting was on compressing the timeframe for registration.
      • Having multiple people working registration so that these can work in “shifts” to allow registration workers to walk the course. 
      • Further discussion to follow when more members of the solo committee can be present.
    • There is a Cars and Coffee this Saturday.
      • This has been posted in the CKR Facebook group.
    • New Radios
      • George will bring and hook them up on Sunday. 


  • Promotions and sponsorships
    • There has been some interest in a local business sponsoring a 3-event series.  The board will contact Laura Harbour to see if she is willing to follow up. 
    • The board still needs to locate a new sponsorship chair to actively pursue sponsorships. 
    • Possibility of doing a car show in conjunction with an event.  The board plans to discuss this possibility in further detail at the April board meeting.


  • Membership
    • Following divisional training, we will hold a meeting to discuss action steps for membership development.  Doug Simcox will follow up to set a date after divisional training.


  • Community
    • Charity
      • George Schweickle will send contact for Shriner’s Hospital to Doug Simcox.
    • SCCA Foundation
      • Doug Simcox will address this during the April board meeting.
    • We sent a flower arrangement to the Allens from the club in memory of Wes Allen’s father.


  • Open discussion
    • Justin Harbour should bring the laptops to the trailer cleaning on Sunday to experiment with options for the announcer display.  Someone will contact him to let him know.
    • Tabling possible discounts for chiefs, etc. until the next meeting.
    • Membership meeting at Sawyer’s on March 16.  This meeting will take place in the dining area instead of the bar area to provide more space for members to interact.  Brady Williams is responsible for printing signs for this.



  • Adjourn
    • Don Morgan moved to adjourn the meeting.  Brady Williams seconded the motion and all board members present approved.
    • Next board meeting on April 6.