April 2017 Meeting Minutes
April 2017 Meeting Minutes

CKR SCCA Board meeting, April 6, 2017 6PM.

Attendees: Brady Williams, Doug Simcox, Zach Jones, Michael Snowden, Matthew Jacobs, Jared Byrd, Justin Harbour, Laura Harbour, Dee & George Schweikle, Don Morgan, Jeremy Porter, Bob Arnold, and Jessie as guest of the club

  1. Call to order by Doug Simcox
  2. Review and approval of March meeting minutes
    1. Bob motioned to approve, Jarod seconded. Approved.
  3. Financials
    1. Review.
    2. Discussed 6-month CD for $10k due to the low interest rate.  Jeremy motioned, Justin seconded, none opposed.
    3. Bob to determine the break-out of the two auctions from the
    4. In regard to the GLD divisional meeting, Don Morgan motioned to repay attending members, Brady seconded.  None opposed.  Bob Arnold has prepared repayment for all covered expenses that were submitted with receipts.
    5. Board legal items: BOD Insurance Coverage.  No response from SCCA.
      1. We still need a letter from SCCA council or the SCCA insurer.
    6. Bob mentioned increase in price at EKU and Legends, over $100 each.
      1. EKU 8, 9, and 16th with 15th of July as optional. We’ll sanction all those dates in-case of a rain-out or other issue for the 8th.
        1. Driver’s school was $75 last year, Jeremy motioned to go $80 (to cover the increase in weekend membership), Jared seconded, none opposed.
      2. Laura mentioned moving one Pad event from July 30th to June 18th.   
      3. Noted that it has been approved to accept the increases in venue rates.
      4. Bob motioned the club to donate $50 to Mercer County animal shelter in honor of the passing Brock Sims, Justin seconds, none opposed.
  4. Operations
    1. Justin brought up the truck rental.  It went well at the last event.  Jeremy was recognized as chief of Equipment and Trailer, and will pull in more volunteers to tow the trailer.
    2. Discussion of making sure events run on-time.
      1. Passed around a sign-up for event chairs.
      2. Annual tech, motioned by Justin, seconded by Brady, none opposed.  Justin to follow-up with KYR to determine legality.
      3. Jeremy said to rearrange computer and payment.
      4. Waivers at gate.
      5. Laura to post event flow schedule on the side of the trailer.
      6. Laura mentioned it’s time to determine the limits the refund at events, see below in membership.
    3. Discussion of Rookie definition, being haven’t run x events in the past y years.  Then basically a pax points system.  And same for Novice discussion.
    4. Don Morgan presented a letter defining that he’s a board member and not a legal advisor.  Bob motioned, Zach seconded, none opposed.
  5. Sponsorship
    1. Midas of Frankfort.
      1. CKR would need to have a chief of Midas challenge to adjudicate any protests or issues.  Person or persons to be decided at a later time (probably solo or event chair).
      2. CKR reserves the right to cancel the series prior to the completion, any money for events that had already completed (money and prizes) would not be refunded, but any other money would be refunded (any further event fees or prizes).
      3. Motioned to accept the proposal with above clauses Brady, Bob seconded, none opposed. 
  6. Membership
    1. Would like to increase membership to 200 by end of season (from 170).  This is goal for the membership chair for the year.
      1. Suggested meeting with Cindy re: novice retention.
      2. Also suggested a meeting on the 27th at the Cellar to encourage membership.
    2. There is a company in TN who is looking for 10 regions to help marketing of the regions.
    3. Board discussed any payback per event, $5 per chief position (not co-chief) per event under the approval of the solo or event chair. 2017 season only. Don motioned, Justin seconded, none opposed.
  7. Motioned to adjourn by Zach at 8:22 PM, seconded by Justin, none opposed.