May 2017 Meeting Minutes
May 2017 Meeting Minutes

CKR SCCA Board meeting, May 11, 2017 6PM.

Attendees: Brady Williams, Doug Simcox, Zach Jones, Michael Snowden, Matthew Jacobs, Justin Harbour, Laura Harbour, Bob Arnold, Don Morgan, Jessie and Alex.

  1. Call to order
  2. Review and approval of April meeting minutes
    1. Brady motioned to approve, Bob seconded. Approved.
  3. Financials
    1. Review: All the trophies are Winner, not sure if we’re returning or keeping.
    2. Savings stays the same, the extra money in checking will create a $10k savings bond.  Motioned my Justin, seconded by Don.
    3. Generators. Doug wants to get a sponsor to help offset generator costs.
    4. Trophies.
      1. Does Midas have plans to buy a champion trophy?
      2. We need to make certain the plaques are labeled correctly.
    5. New Business:
      1. Registration Cash Out Procedure and Training.  Need to be certain people know that there’s a checklist inside the money bag, it’s really helpful for Bob if it’s filled out.
    6. Don motions, Brady seconds. Approved.
  4. Operations
    1. Action step review (need to carry action steps forward):
    2. New Action Steps
      1. Certainly need a class on AxWare for worker assignments.
        1. Have registration ask for worker preference.  Don will help out this weekend.  Don wants to recruit new people.
        2. Attempt to add worker preference into registration on MAE.
    3. Site Acquisition Team
      1. Does George need additional help?  Don suggested he could.
    4. Additional End of Event training is needed to finalize results and get printed to facilitate faster trailer loading.
    5. Don motioned to do annual tech and purchase sticker, Zach seconds.  Approved.
    6. Red State dates are: April 9th, May 28th, July 30th, Aug 20th, and October 1st
    7. Doug will bring food for everyone.
  5. Promotions
    1. Action Step Review
    2. New Business
      1. Car Show
        1. EKU could be a good location for an Autocross + Car Show
        2. VA is having a car show coming up that we should attempt to attend.  Need to table to later, maybe November.
      2. Midas Gold Cone Series Review
        1. Need to get last event and this coming event awards prior to this event.
  6. Membership
    1. Action Step Review.
    2. New Business – Michael S. to discuss with Cindy about novice retention.
  7. Community
    1. Tire Rack Street Survival – Need to plan for 2018.
    2. Charity: Second EKU event in July will be a charity event for an undetermined charity. Don motions to define a charity event as July 16 event, details to be worked out at next meeting after Bob had a chance to discuss Fallen Police officers. Doug seconds.
    3. SCCA foundation.  
  8. Adjourn
    1. Bob motions, everybody seconds.  Meeting adjourned.
    2. Next board meeting is June 1st 2017.