June 2017 Meeting Minutes
June 2017 Meeting Minutes

CKR SCCA Board meeting, July 6, 2017 6PM.

Attendees: Brady Williams, , Zach Jones, Andy Buck, Michael Snowden, Matthew Jacobs, Justin Harbour, Bob Arnold, Don Morgan, Anthony Pistilli, Jeremy Porter, Jared Byrd, and Don Morgan.

  1. Call to order
  2. Review and approval of May meeting minutes. Noted there was no June.
    1. Brady motioned to approve, seconded. Approved.
  3. Financials
  4. They got eated by quickbooks.
  5. Received 1/4 support from Gates.
  6. Shriners sent us a personal letter for the donation.
  7. Bob says it’s OK.
  8. Justin motions, Zach seconds. Approved.
  9. Justin to resign Secretary Position at end of meeting (“he said duty” –B. Williams).  Zach volunteered to take meeting minutes in the intrim.
  10. Laura is resigning Solo chair.  Bob will check with the King’s to see if they have interest in solo chair position, and reach out to the membership for other volunteers.
  11. New Action Steps
    1. Might want to post a worker sign-up sheet next to registration, instead of at registration.
  12. Site Acquisition Team
  13. Skipped due to no George.
  14. Race cancellation process.  Discussion, no action items taken.
  15. Annual tech.  Went well, Jared to create a sign-up sheet.
  16. Has been under construction, Grid B is gone and the second entrance to the course (by the stadium) is now a sidewalk, and a section of the course now has poles and will be unusable.
  17. There is a chance the venue may be refinished in the next few years, this may be bad.
  18. Jeremy to make certain we can park trailer at Gates (by contacting Sexton).
  19. EKU venue
  20. Action Step Review
  21. New Business
    1. Midas Gold Cone Series Review
      1. Need announcement to be posted on web site and final payment.
      2. May want to try to do something similar at the end of a season instead of the beginning
    2. SCCA PR Specialist: Doug to follow-up, tabled until next meeting.
  22. Action Step Review.
  23. Repeat New Business – Michael S. to discuss with Cindy about novice retention.
  24. Tire Rack Street Survival – Need to plan for 2018 (tabled until end of season)
  25. Charity: Second EKU event in July still planned to be charity, will be e-mail vote.  Bob to remember what his neighbor suggested and send to the list.
  26. SCCA foundation.  No News.
  27. Bob motions, everybody seconds.  Meeting adjourned.
  28. Operations
  29. Promotions
  30. Membership
  31. Community
  32. Adjourn

Next board meeting is August 3rd 2017.