August 2017 Meeting Minutes
August 2017 Meeting Minutes

CKR SCCA Board meeting, August 3, 2017 6PM.


Attendees: Brady Williams, Zach Jones, Bob Arnold, Anthony Pistilli, Jared Byrd, Doug Simcox, Dee Schweikle, George Schweikle


  1. Call to order by Doug Simcox

  2. Review and approval of July meeting minutes.

    1. Bob motioned to approve, Brady seconds. Approved.

  3. Financials

    1. Review.

    2. Quickbooks was repaired.  

    3. $1251 from Gates totaling half of season sponsorship.  

    4. Purchased CD for 10,000 at 1% for 10 months.

    5. Midas paid final payment of $250

    6. Suggestion to make donation to hospice.  

      1. Motion to donate $100 brought by Tony, Zach Second.  Motion passed.

    7. EKU Fund Raising/Charity Event Approx $680 to Fallen Heroes (Louisville, KY).

      1. Motion to give full amount cleared to Fallen Heroes by Jared, Tony Seconds.

    8. Brady motioned to approve the financials, Jared Seconds.  Approved.

  4. Operations:

    1. Solo Chair Discussion.

      1. Morgan and Gary King were contacted as they have expressed interest in the position in the past.  They have declined this year, but have interest for next year.

      2. David Patrick and Tim Ray have recently expressed interest in sharing the Solo Chair position.

    2. Discussion of Event Chairs.  

      1. To ensure the rest of the season is as successful as the first part we will be making use of the Event Chair position.

        • Aug 20 - Jared Byrd

        • Sept 17 - Brady Williams

        • Oct 1 - Zach Jones

        • Oct 8 - Bob Arnold and Doug Simcox

    3. Discussion of Championship Points.

      1. These have not been updated in two events.  There has been discussion about the points on the Facebook page.  Data needs to be retrieved from AxWare and points calculated.

    4. Discussion on Trailer/Event Supplies.

    5. Discussion on Trailer Guide

      1. Brady Williams asked about a Trailer Guide. Tony Pistilli volunteered to get a document together.

    6. Site Acquisition Team:

      1. George has reviewed sites.  UK site is promising.

    7. Discussion on Event Announcer Location:

      1. During the EKU Events the announcer was outside of the timing and scoring trailer.  The group agreed that this went well, but that it made the position as announcer tougher as they were not receiving live timing and scoring data.  Several suggestions were made to make this easier, the use of VNC may be the most promising.  Brady will investigate this.

    8. Discussion on SCCA PR Specialist:

      1. How do we use Facebook to gain more members.  Doug will continue to use this as a resource gaining more knowledge and sharing it with the group.

  5. Membership:

    1. Still need to schedule meeting to determine membership actions.

  6. Community

    1. Tirerack Street Survival - Doug has contacted a Toyota member

    2. Tony will contact Belle's Owner to see if they are interested in a "Belle's Class" that their customers might be interested in attending.

    3. Charitable events have been successful.  Humane society, Fallen Heroes, SCCA Foundation a NFP.

  7. New Action Items

    1. Don Morgan and George Schweikle will contact the Neighborhood association near the stadium .  Ask to conduct a one day event.  

    2. George Schweikle will contact UK SAE solar and engineering team.

    3. Bob Arnold will contact David Patrick and Tim Ray about the Co-Solo Chair position

    4. Bob Arnold will pick up supplies for trailer including white duct tape.  

    5. Brady Williams to talk with Michael Teater to get class points calculated for events 6 and 7.  

    6. Anthony Pistilli will work on getting a document together for the Trailer.

    7. Brady Williams will look at Remote Desktop / VPN client for announcer to allow the announcer to work remotely.

    8. Bob Arnold will add Doug Simcox will be added to PayPal account, Michael Teater removed

  8. Adjourn:

    1. Motion to adjourn by Brady, Tony seconds.  Meeting Adjourned.

    2. Next board meeting is September 7th, 2017.