November 2017 Meeting Minutes
November 2017 Meeting Minutes

CKR SCCA Board meeting, November 6, 2017 6PM.


Attendees:, Zach Jones, Anthony Pistilli, Jared Byrd, Doug Simcox, Scott Snowden, Jesse Byrd, Jeremy Porter, Tyce Moore, Jared Byrd, George Schweikle, Bob Arnold, Dee Schweikle


  1. Call to order by Doug Simcox

  2. Review and approval of October meeting minutes

    • No review.  Meeting minutes not available.

  3. Financials

    • Review.

    • $1,500 trophy price set.  This price has been communicated to Don and Andy.

    • Jared motioned to approve the financials, Brady seconds.  Approved.

  4. Operations:

    1. Action Step Review

      • Zach - Contact KY Region to discuss using personal vehicles for towing trailer.

    2. Board Member Nominations

      • Dee sent a current list of nominations out to the Board Members

      • Need to send board member nominees to CKRSCCA members (Scheduled item Dee).

      • Election is 11/16 during the Member Meeting at Sawyer’s

    3. Banquet Planning.  Responsible party member (Don Morgan) is not present to provide an update on this.

  5. Promotions and Sponsorships

  6. Membership:

  7. Action Items

    1. Continued

      • Contact  the Neighborhood association George.  Ask to conduct a one day event

      • Bob Arnold will contact David Patrick and Tim Ray about the Co-Solo Chair position

      • Anthony Pistilli will work on getting a document together for the Trailer

      • Brady will look at Remote Desktop / VPN client for announcer to allow the announcer to work remotely

      • Bob Arnold will add Doug Simcox will be added to PayPal account, Michael Teater removed

  8. Adjourn:

    1. Motion to adjourn by Bob, Jared seconds.  Meeting Adjourned.

    2. Next board meeting is December 7th 2017.