December 2017 Meeting Minutes
December 2017 Meeting Minutes
CKR SCCA Board meeting, December 7, 2017 6PM.
Attendees:, Zach Jones,  Don Morgan, Jared Byrd, Jesse Byrd, Zoe Mays, Bradford Williams, Bob Arnold, Scott Snowden, Anthony Pestili, Andrew Buck, Doug Simcox, Dee Schweikle, George Schweikle, Zoe Mays
  1. Call to order by Zach Jones
  2. Review and approval of November meeting minutes.
    • Jared motioned.  Brady Seconded. Approved.
  3. Financials
    1. Review.
    2. Don Morgan motioned to approve the financials, Jared seconds.  Approved.
  4. Operations:
    • Banquet Planning Review
      • Booked venue for Feb 3rd
      • Cocktail hour will be from 6 to 7
      • Head count two weeks ahead of time.
      • Italian auction in newsletter Dee 
      • Raffle a free season
      • A rough draft email will be created and sent to board members for review
      • Charity chosen is Ronald McDonald House
      • Prices for the banquet are as follows, $20 for first $15 for subsequent.
      • After invitations have been approved a MotorsportsReg page will need to be generated for so members can sign up and pay online.
      • No free entries for sponsors will be given
    • Awards and Trophies
      • A budget of $700 to 800 on trophies
      • Andy’s Auto Accessories will provide windbreakers for class champions
    • Appointed Positions Discussion
      • Andrew Buck mentioned that Cindy is willing to Solo Chair.  WIth Assistance from Greg Ballou and Andrew Buck.
      • An event chair will be appointed by the Solo Chair
      • Doug Simcox will get list of registered CKR SCCA members for Dee.
      • Dee will generate a voting ballot for appointed positions for the 12/21 Membership Gathering
      • A ballot will need to be generated for the member meeting to be held on 12/21.  A list of current registered members will need to retrieved and passed on to the individual tasked to send out the email.
    • Solo Schedule
      • Andrew Buck will contact Cindy Duncan to work on Solo Schedule
      • Legends is interested in hosting a summer event.
    • Events
      • The Holiday Party was discussed.  Jim needs to be contacted to ensure the food and venue are available for the event. 
    • Action Step Review
  5. Promotions and Sponsorships
  6. Membership:
  7. Action Items
    • Don Morgan will locate a projector for the Banquet.
    • Zoe will begin work on a slide-show to loop during banquet.
    • Dee will create a rough draft of the newsletter.
    • Scott and Zach awill look into creating a MotorsportsReg page for online registration and payment.
    • Zach will contact Jim Sawyer about the Holiday Party.
    • Andrew Buck and Cindy will work on Solo schedule.
    • Dee will generate a voting ballot for appointed positions that will be distributed at the 12/21 member meeting.
    • Doug Simcox will get a list of registered CKR members for Dee.
    • Scott or Zach will add Zoe Mays to the emailing list
  8. Adjourn:
    • Motion to adjourn by Zach Jones, Don Morgan seconds.  Meeting Adjourned.
    • Next board meeting is January 4th 2018.