February 2018 Meeting Minutes
February 2018 Meeting Minutes







CKR SCCA Board meeting, February 1, 2018 6:00PM.


Attendees:, Zach Jones,  Bob Arnold, Scott Snowden, Doug Simcox, Dee Schweikle, George Schweikle, Cindy Duncan, Eric Hauck, Jared Byrd, Don Morgan


  1. Call to order by Jared Byrd


  1. Review and approval of January meeting minutes.
  1. Don Morgan motioned.  Bob Arnold Seconded. Approved.


  1. Financials
  1. Review.
  2. New Business
  • Quickbooks upgrade Discussed.  Cost is $280
  • Don Morgan Moves to upgrade.  Scott Seconds.  Approved
  • Thanks you notes were sent to sponsorships
  • February 7, 2018 Sponsorship meeting at Pies and Pints.
  • Review Balances. Remains open for next meeting.


  1. Operations / Solo Events Needs
  1. Action Step Review
  • Don Morgan will locate a projector for the Banquet.
  • Projector will be provided
  • Zoe will begin work on a slideshow to loop during banquet.
  • A club laptop will be provided.
  • Dee will create a rough draft of the newsletter.
  • Letter was drafted and sent out to active board members
  • Scott and Zach will look into creating a MotorsportsReg page for online registration and payment.
  • Continued item
  • Zach will contact Jim Sawyer about the Holiday Party.
  • Holiday Party was successful
  • Andrew Buck and Cindy will work on Solo schedule.
  • Dee will generate a voting ballot for appointed positions that will be distributed at the 12/21 member meeting.
  • Doug Simcox will get a list of registered CKR members for Dee.
  • Scott or Zach will add Zoe Mays to the emailing list


  1. 2018 Schedule
  • Requested dates and received a response.  A contract will need to be written up and sent to the respective parties.
  • EKU and Whitaker Bank contacted with tentative dates.
  • Need to get Contact information for EKU and Whitaker
  1. New Business
  • Banquet
  • 60th Anniversary for the Region.  George has volunteered to find memorabilia to commemorate the event.
  • Confirmed projector, mic and podium.
  • Food is confirmed with extra ordered.
  • Jared will bring tablet for presentation.
  • 62 Entrees
  • 2018 Schedule
  • PAD Requested with dates and received a response.  A contract will need to be written up
  • EKU and Whitaker Bank have contacted with tentative dates.
  • Need to get Contact information for EKU and Whitaker
  • Site Acquisition Team
  • George had a meeting.  The first of 4 steps has been completed.
  • Hamburg the proposal was sent to the committee in Atlanta.
  • George will follow up with both sites to continue this conversation.
  • A March 4th 10am Training/Cleaning was planned.  This will include but not limited to:
  • Trailer cleaning
  • SS Training
  • Timing (AxWare) Training
  • Cindy or Doug will contact Andy and Michael.  Andy to confirm the date and Michael to post on Facebook and CKRSCCA.org
  • Erik will tow the trailer to the cleaning
  • Four volunteers have said they  are interested in Timing Training.  Jared, Kyle, Scott, Erik
  • Jared Motions.  Scott Seconds.  Approved.
  • Timing and Scoring
  • Discuss the Demo with Pronto Timing.
  • Impressions from Cindy.
  1. Action Item: Get model number from RaceAmerica hardware.  Cindy and Scott Snowden will work on this.  And will the displays work?
  2. The level of support and the relatively simple software is a big plus compared to AxWare.
  3. Base package, announce and live time. $1,500
  4. FarmTek wireless timers.  $1,075  Display and Display boards.  Possible 5% off.  +$250 Head.  Directional Antenna may be needed for Whitaker($145).
  5. Motion to approve Up to and not exceed $4000, By Don for software/hardware equipment.  This is null and void if the existing displays are not compatible with the new software and hardware..  Bob Seconds.  Approved.  
  6. Possibly selling timing equipment if we cannot use it.
  • Generator and Inverter Discussion
  • We need to measure the amount of usage.  We need to get the data so we know the proper size to purchase to effectively run the event.


  • Solo - Making 2018 a better year.
  • A Timing Chief will need to be appointed.  We have had issues with running events and it can be traced back to not having a Timing Chief.  No one really knows or has taken the time to learn the timing software and it is apparent in our day-of-event process.
  • Promptly post results.  Competitors and Spectators expect the results to be posted promptly and we need to ensure that we do this at the end of each event.  
  • Timing a scoring in general.  Having qualified people run the timing and scoring computers makes the day go by so much better.  On several occasions, in 2017, we had to stop an event for a lengthy time to “fix” a timing issues.  
  • Doug and Cindy will setup a Dev-Ops meeting
  • Kyle Gottschalk and Jess Byrd will be co Membership chairs
  • Cindy Duncan will continue to lead the novice program as novice chair and will be assisted by Erik Hauck and possibly Kyle Gottschalk
  • Erik Hauck volunteered to be a Sponsorship chair
  • Towing and Hauling Trailer
  • Bob will contact enterprise to verify the contract and cost.


  1. Promotions and Sponsorships
  1. Action Step Review
  2. New Business


  1. Membership Activities
  1. Action Step Review
  2.  New Business
  • Don moves to approve the Slate of Appointed Positions presented by Doug Simcox.  Bob Seconds.  Approved.
  • A meeting will be setup to discuss membership and sponsorship.
  • Membership will develop a 60th anniversary event.


  1. Adjourn:
  1. Motion to adjourn by Don Morgan, Jared Byrd seconds.  Meeting Adjourned.
  2. Next board meeting is March 1st 2018.