March 2018 Meeting Minutes
March 2018 Meeting Minutes







CKR SCCA Board meeting, March 1, 2018 6:00PM.


Attendees: Zach Jones,  Bob Arnold, Scott Snowden, Doug Simcox, Dee Schweikle, George Schweikle, Cindy Duncan, Kyle Gottschalk, Jared Byrd, Jess Byrd


  1. Call to order by Jared Byrd


  1. Review and approval of February meeting minutes.
  1. ?? motioned.  ?? Seconded. Approved.


  1. Financials
  1. Review.
  2. New Business
  • Raised $2200 for charity
  • Gave away $309 for a Solo Season Raffle
  • Proposed Budget Discussed, not finalized.
  • $3300 Spent on Timing Equipment.  Includes first year maintenance fee.
  • Quickbooks upgrade Discussed.  Cost is $280
  • Still needs to be done
  • Review Balances January to February 24, 2018.
  • Scott Snowden Motions to Approve.  Zach Jones Seconds.  Approved.


  1. Operations / Solo Events Needs
  1. Action Step Review
  • Scott or Zach will add Zoe Mays to the emailing list
  • Timing and Scoring Equipment
  • Took this to general membership to spend up to $4000 at the Banquet and this was approved by membership.
  • Farm Tech Equipment was purchased at $1600
  • Software is ready for download.  $1500 to $1600
  • Darren with Pronto is ready to assist Cindy with install
  • Cindy will take a machine to Florida to get a live demo from Darren.
  • Timing and Scoring Chief.  Create a facebook post to promote the new timing and scoring equipment.  
  • Live timing and Scoring will need validate this with Michael Teater
  1. Schedule
  • All dates have been scheduled.  EKU events have not been confirmed at EKU, but have been at the pad.  All events have been sanctioned.
  • School has not been approved.  Doug will reach out to the Pad to see if the venue is available.  Reach out to Andrew Buck to contact Whitaker Bank..  
  • Bob contact Bluegrass Portable
  • Bob contact Enterprise
  • Bob contact Food Truck
  1. Generator and Inverter
  • George will bring power measurement tool to test the pull of power on Sunday at March 4 Trailer Cleaning
  1. 2018 Schedule
  • Event Chairs
  • March 25 - Jared and Cindy
  • April 8 - Doug and Bob
  • Action Item: Designate Event chairs for April 22 and May 6 at the April member meeting
  • Better bookkeeping.  The registrations, timing data, etc, need to be gathered and organized at each event.  This will be the responsibility of the Event Chair.
  • Cindy will create a schedule for of event operations and job descriptions.
  1. New Business
  • Site Acquisition Team
  • Hamburg Site is a no go
  • UK Site is mostly approved but will need to get approval by Police and Safety.  
  • George will talk to event planner at Stock Yards.
  • GoodGuys will be hosting an event at the Horse Park.  Possibly be able to attend and represent the club.  This needs to be discussed with Erik and Kyle
  • A March 4th 10am Training/Cleaning was planned.  This will include but not limited to:
  • Trailer cleaning
  • SS Training
  • Timing (AxWare) Training


  1. Promotions and Sponsorships
  1. Action Step Review
  2. New Business
  • Possibly partnering with MB2.
  • CKR would provide Coffee and Donuts to Cars and Coffee.  Projected budget of $1500.  This includes signage.
  • Been in contact with Gates
  • Been in contact with Scott Bourne
  • Need to promote new timing and scoring equipment.



  1. Membership Activities
  1. Action Step Review
  • Membership will develop a 60th anniversary event.
  • Dee has drafted a 60th anniversary Driving tour.
  • Can we do this event in conjunction with a charitable event.
  •  New Business
  • Declare the charity solo event
  1. Cindy will post to send out on facebook to get a list of charities that members are interested in.
  2. Cindy will create poll once we get enough suggestions
  • Kyle Gottschalk and Jess Byrd will meet to discuss Membership and Charitable Events
  • Bob discussed getting Membership information.  Current active members and compare that to attendance during a weekend event to extract metrics that can be used to determine what actions need to be taken.
  • Great Lakes Division will be meeting on March 10 in Michigan.
  1. Doug Simcox Motions to approve a budget of $600.  Zach Jones seconds.  Non opposed.  Approved.


  1. Adjourn:
  1. Motion to adjourn by Jared Byrd, Scott Snowden seconds.  Meeting Adjourned.
  2. Next board meeting is April 5, 2018.