April 2018 Meeting Minutes
April 2018 Meeting Minutes





CKR SCCA Board meeting, April 5, 2018 6:00PM.


Attendees: Zach Jones,  Bob Arnold, Scott Snowden, Dee Schweikle, George Schweikle, Cindy Duncan, Kyle Gottschalk, Jared Byrd, Don Morgan, Erik Hauck


  1. Call to order by Jared Byrd


  1. Review and approval of March meeting minutes.
  1. Bob  Arnold motioned.  Scott Snowden Seconded. Approved.


  1. Financials
  1. Review.
  2. New Business
  • Erik Hauck contacted John at Gates about Sponsorships
  • Bob Arnold filed appropriate files with IRS
  • Check to LFUCG sent April 4.
  • Club savings account is dormant, due to lack of use.  Bob Arnold will fix this.
  • Board of directors insurance
  • Quickbooks upgrade Discussed.  Cost is $280
  • Still needs to be done
  • Don Morgan Motions to Approve.  Scott Snowden Seconds.  Approved.


  1. Operations / Solo Events Needs
  1. Action Step Review
  • Solo School
  • Whitaker Ballpark is not available.
  • Alternatives
  1. UK - we should wait to see how first event occurs
  2. Stockyards - June 30th and at Stockyards and then next day at the actual event.  George will contact the stockyards.  
  3. Doug will contact Training Pad to see if they have any dates available.
  • Need to obtain more dates.
  • Scott or Zach will add Zoe Mays to the emailing list
  1. Schedule
  • April 28 and April 29 has been approved for UK FSAE testing and then a fun event on the 29th
  • George will be a Saturday co-chair with Connor with the UK FSAE team
  • Test and Tune will be capped at 10 for the UK FSAE team
  • Need to obtain more banners for crowd control.  
  • Erik will reach out to Gates
  • Bob has contacted Bluegrass Portable.  All dates have been verified for the year
  • Bob contact Enterprise.  All dates have been verified for the year.
  • Bob contact Food Truck
  • Still awaiting a response with Jess Byrd
  1. 2018 Schedule
  • Event Chairs
  • Action Item: Designate Event chairs for April 22 and May 6 at the April member meeting
  1. April 22 - Jared and Scott Snowden
  2. April 28 - George and Connor
  3. April 29 - Bob Arnold and Erik Hauck
  4. May 6 - Cindy Hauck and Anthony Pestilli
  • April 29 - Event cap at 120.  Need to get promotion on website and Facebook .
  • Cookbook for new Event Chair.  Jared will be developing this along with a day of event chart.  Cindy has some documentation that she has already gathered and will share it with the board.
  1. New Business
  • Annual Tech
  • Jared has developed a waiver form. This will need to be reviewed.
  • Helmets will be included in the annual inspection
  • Jared will contact print shop to see about annual stickers
  • Solo cookbook
  • All board members should review the solo cookbook
  • Event Cancellation
  • Solo Chair and Chief Safety Steward will be responsible for making the call.  Notifications will be sent out starting Friday by 5:00pm, before the Sunday (Thursday if the event is Saturday)  Accuweather will be used weather.  A Safety Steward may cancel an event on site (per the Solo 2018 Rulebook).  Final decision will be communicated at 6:00pm day before of the event.  Positive or negative email will be sent to all registrants.
  • Zach Contact michael to change weather to accuweather on site.
  • Site Acquisition Team
  • GoodGuys will be hosting an event at the Horse Park.  Possibly be able to attend and represent the club.  This needs to be discussed with Erik and Kyle




  1. Membership Activities
  1. Action Step Review
  • Membership will develop a 60th anniversary event.
  • Dee has drafted a 60th anniversary Driving tour.
  • Can we do this event in conjunction with a charitable event.
  • Declare the charity solo event
  • Cindy will post to send out on facebook to get a list of charities that members are interested in.
  • Cindy will create poll once we get enough suggestions
  1. Ronald McDonald by three times
  2. The Ronald McDonald House will be the target of our Tentative Charity Event.
  3. Cindy Duncan will communicate on facebook that we have picked the Ronald McDonald House for the charity for the year and for the charity event to be held on July 1.
  • Kyle Gottschalk and Jess Byrd will meet to discuss Membership and Charitable Events
  • Great Lakes Division will be meeting on March 10 in Michigan.
  • Doug Simcox Motions to approve a budget of $600.  Zach Jones seconds.  Non opposed.  Approved.
  1. Sponsorships
  1. Planning has been done on a Sponsorship program
  • Goal : Build value for sponsors through marketing and gross impressions.
  • Work with membership to promote SCCA Solo and Co-promote the sponsors at other events such as Cars and Coffee
  • Work has already begun with Cars and Coffee
  • Emails will be sent to the 12000 followers of Cars and Coffee
  • Erik’s Trailer will be used at Cars and Coffee with signage
  • Obtain some signage to display at the event.
  • Obtain a tent
  • Will approach other dealers with a “Dealership Cup”
  • Scheduled for Cars and Coffee
  1. April 7 Value City Parking lot in Hamburg
  2. May 5th
  • MB2
  • $1500 sponsorships
  1. $15 per run
  2. Off-season league
  3. Cup
  1. 3 events
  2. 3 track times for there season
  3. Winner awarded
  • Sponsorship Level Breakdown
  • Bronze - $150
  • Silver - $500
  • Gold - $1000
  • Platinum - $5000+
  • Commercial - $250
  • A Budget for $1500 on Sponsorship materials
  • Don Morgan motions.  Bob Seconded.  All Approved.  Passed.
  • Free event business cards
  • Contact info on front.
  • Schedule on back
  • Erik Hauck has been authorized to give up to 10 free event cards per month to be used within that month.  Don Morgan approves.  Scott Snowden Seconds.  None opposed.  Passed.


  1. Adjourn:
  1. Motion to adjourn by Don Morgan, Zach Jones seconds.  Meeting Adjourned.
  2. Next board meeting is May 3, 2018.