June 2018 Meeting Minutes
June 2018 Meeting Minutes





CKR SCCA Board meeting, June 7, 2018 6:00PM.

Attendance: Jared Byrd, Scott Snowden, Bob Arnold, Eric Hauck, Kyle Gottschalk, George Schweikle, Dee Schweikle, Brady Williams, Zach Jones, Don Morgan, Michael Snowden, Tony Pastelli, Doug Simcox, Cindy Duncan

  1. Call to order by Jared Byrd
  2. Review and approval of May meeting minutes
  1. Don Morgan motioned, Brady Williams Seconds. Approved.
  1. Financials
  1. Review
  2. New Business
  1. Check has not been delivered to Ronald McDonald House.  This will be paid after the next event.
  1. Scott Snowden motioned, Zach Jones Seconds. Approved.
  1. Operations / Solo Events
  1. Action Items from previous meetings minutes
  1. George has contact the Stockyards for the June 30th school
  1. George has made contact and awaiting contract, will close when contract is signed.
  2. George will reach out to Stockyards again.
  3. George will visit the site with Andy buck and walk around with the liason.
  1. Bob contact Food Truck
  1. ProLift and Parasite will bring food in for the July 1 event
  1. Zach contact Michael to change weather to Accuweather on site.
  2. Erik and Kyle to reach out to GoodGuys about having a table at their Autocross event at the Horse Park.  
  1. New action items
  1. Jared to send out PDF copy of annual tech contract to be stored on the timing computer.
  1. Jared will validate this has been sent and stored.
  1. Zach check that a limit has been set for the July 1 event
  2. Bob Arnold check Insurance for June 30 and July 1 events.
  1. Events have been sanctioned separately.  This needs to be verified.
  1. Brady will call StockYards to check restaurant availability June 30 and July 1
  1. New Business
  1. Discussion has begun with KYSCCA region about sharing larger venues.
  2. Don Morgan moves to purchase the Champion 3100 generator and the junction box.  Jared Byrd Seconds.  Passed.
  1. Eric will shop the generator
  1. Having issues with access and training to MSR
  2. Need new events chair for upcoming events
  1. June 17 – Jared Byrd and Erick Hauck
  2. June 30 -- Cindy Duncan
  3. July 1 -- Zach Jones and Anthony Pestilli                
  1. Need to establish Chief of Grid
  1. Anthony Pistilli will take responsibilities for the May 6 event
  1. Cindy will adopt the sound rules from National Events but limit the db to 95.
  2. Brady Williams will research and find a new sound meter.
  3. Cindy has downloaded Pronto onto 2nd and 3rd timing computers
  4. Would like to setup announcer station outside the trailer, would require an extended display cable
  5. Conor Gains will request another date for UK.  George is staying in contact with him.
  6. Anthony will investigate wireless speakers to help broadcast announcements better at large event sites like UK.
  7. School
  1. Cindy has several instructors with a registration limit of 30.  Possibly pushing the limit to 36.
  2. Instructors will get free entry to next day event.
  3. Cindy will ensure instructors are in Pronto
  1. Promotions / Sponsorships
  1. Gates, Midas, MB2 ($1,500)
  2. DetailLex for a $500 sponsorship.
  3. Cars and Coffee for June 2 was a hit.  
  4. Successfully getting other organization and clubs interested in attending our solo events, namely the local PCA region
  1. Adjourn
  1. Motion to adjourn by Don Morgan motions, Scott Snowden Seconds.  Meeting Adjourned
  2. Next meeting is July  5, 2018.