August 2018 Meeting Minutes
August 2018 Meeting Minutes





CKR SCCA Board meeting, Aug 2, 2018 6:00PM.

Attendance: Jared Byrd, Scott Snowden, Bob Arnold, Eric Hauck, Kyle Gottschalk,  Brady Williams, Zach Jones, Don Morgan, Michael Snowden, Doug Simcox, Cindy Duncan

  1. Call to order by Doug Simcox
  2. Review and approval of July meeting minutes
  1. Meeting minutes will reviewed in September when quorum is present.
  1. Financials
  1. Will need to be approved in September meeting not enough in quorum.
  1. Operations / Solo Events
  1. Event Chairs
  1. Aug 12 - Jared and Bob
  2. Aug 26 - Doug and Zach
  3. Sept. 9 - Erik and TBD


  1. Action Items
  1. Find another chair for Sept 9 autocross
  2. Erik and Kyle to reach out to GoodGuys about having a table at their Autocross event at the Horse Park.  
  1. New Business
  1. Generator needs 5 feet clearance, currently have a one foot cable that is restricts the position of the cable..  Need to obtain a longer cable to the conversion.  
  1. Erik will locate an extension so the generator can be moved.
  1. Cindy and Kyle have been trying to fix an issue that occured at the last event.
  2. Cindy had an issue with grid assignments after the latest update with the timing software.
  3. Kyle had an issue with USB.  reached out to Darren, but no response because he is on vacation.
  4. Need to verify location with UK
  1. Bob will get in touch with George to verify UK site.
  2. Doug will check site sanction.
  1. MB2 was not expecting our presence.  Need to validate with the location before the meeting.


  1. Old Business
  1. Cindy will adopt the sound rules from National Events but limit the db to 95.
  2. Brady Williams will research and find a new sound meter.
  3. Would like to setup announcer station outside the trailer, would require an extended display cable
  4. Conor Gains will request another date for UK.  George is staying in contact with him.
  5. Anthony will investigate wireless speakers to help broadcast announcements better at large event sites like UK.


  1. Promotions / Sponsorships
  1. September first is the large car show
  2. Review the current contract so we can have more sponsor participation for next year.
  3. Schedule a sponsorship meeting for board to attend to be held in November (second week).
  4. Sponsorship oncerns about the Facebook page, specifically related to advertising on the public facebook page.
  5. Membership:
  1. September board meeting for year end banquet
  2. New driver experience needs some work.  How do we convert people to members and contributors.  
  1. Need to brainstorm ideas
  2. Kyle will have a page that will explain the conversion process.
  1. Put out a call for board and other various positions.
  2. Reviewed.
  3. Community
  1. Tirerack Street survival still an open item.  Hoping some of the venues can make this a reality.
  1. Need to get a committee together to handle this.
  1. Adjourn
  1. Meeting adjourned.
  2. Next meeting is September 6, 2018.