September 2018 Meeting Minutes
September 2018 Meeting Minutes



CKR SCCA Board meeting,  Sept. 6, 2018 6:00PM.

Attendance: Bob Arnold, Jared Erik Scott Anthony Pestelli, Don Morgan, Doug Simcox, Zach Jones

  1. Call to order by Doug Simcox
  2. Meeting minutes will reviewed in October.
  3. Financials
  1. Midas has been invoiced.  Doug will check up on this.
  2. Gates has been invoiced for the second quarter.  Money has not been received.  Erik will mention this to Jonathan.
  3. Invoice the second installment for MB2.
  4. Approximately $5,662 donation to the Ronald McDonald house.
  5. Anthony motioned.  Don Seconded.
  1. Operations / Solo Events
  1. Event Chairs
  1. Sept. 9 - Erik and TBD
  1. Discussion on protocol for the individual that tows the trailer.
  1. One free entry.
  2. Covers work assignment.
  1. Paperwork at end of day is a mess.
  1. Bob has a file in place.  Why are we not able to collect the paper at end of day?
  2. We need to work with event chairs.
  1. Action Items
  1. Find another chair for Sept 9 autocross
  2. Erik and Kyle to reach out to GoodGuys about having a table at their Autocross event at the Horse Park.  
  1. New Business
  1. Karting at MB2 at $1500 + 500 for postseason challenge
  1. Co-sponsored league event concurrently with the post events.
  2. Best two events - postseason pax + 2 raw times at MB2.
  3. Second MB2 time will be run on a private track.   Times will be posted on Facebook.  Only open to SCCA members.  
  4. A perpetual trophy will be handed out and displayed at MB2 with customized plate.
  5. The winner will also receive recognition at the banquet.
  6. Monthly leagues for SCCA Members.
  7. Don moves to approve,, Bob seconds.
  1. Old Equipment
  1. Give the old generator to Habitat for Humanity.
  1. What do Don moved.  Bob Seconded.
  1. Timing equipment will be decided at Trailer Cleaning.
  1. September 9 Event
  1. With 80% chance of rain should we cancel the event?  Some threads were started on Facebook bringing up cancelling the event.
  2. We have all key positions covered.
  3. Place event on weather watch.
  4. Minimum number of participants?  



  1. Old Business
  1. Brady Williams will research and find a new sound meter.
  1. Erik got a new sound meter
  1. Anthony will investigate wireless speakers to help broadcast announcements better at large event sites like UK.
  1. No action at this time.  
  1. Generator needs 5 feet clearance, currently have a one foot cable that is restricts the position of the cable..  Need to obtain a longer cable to the conversion.  
  1. Erik will locate an extension so the generator can be moved.
  1. Erik will have the required cable at the next event.


  1. Promotions / Sponsorships
  1. Review the current contract so we can have more sponsor participation for next year.
  2. Schedule a sponsorship meeting for board to attend to be held in November (second week).  Will discuss this at the october meeting.
  1. Membership:
  1. Year-end banquet
  1. Discussed with MB2.  
  2. No charge.
  3.  Catering will need to happen.
  4.  No Alcohol.
  5. Don will open discussion on catering.  Erik will work with Don.
  1. New driver experience needs some work.  How do we convert people to members and contributors.  
  1. Need to brainstorm ideas
  2. Kyle will have a page that will explain the conversion process.
  1. Put out a call for positions.
  1. Various positions, board
  1. Reviewed.
  1. Community
  1. Tirerack Street survival still an open item.  Hoping some of the venues can make this a reality.
  1. Need to get a committee together to handle this.
  1. Bob will call Ronald McDonald house so we can present them with the check for the amount of money we raised.
  1. Adjourn
  1. Tony motioned.  Bob seconded.
  2. Meeting adjourned.
  3. Next meeting is October 4, 2018.