October 2018 Meeting Minutes
October 2018 Meeting Minutes



CKR SCCA Board meeting,  October 11, 2018 6:00PM.

Attendance: Bob Arnold, Jared Byrd, Erik Hauck, Scott Snowden, Brady Williams, Kyle Gottschalk,  Anthony Pestelli, Don Morgan, Doug Simcox, Zach Jones

  1. Call to order by Jared
  2. Meeting Notes
  1. Motion to approve August minutes by Bob, Seconded by Scott Moved.
  2. Motion to approve September Don, Bob second. Moved.
  1. Financials
  1. Midas has confirmed payment for sponsorship
  2. Gates has been invoiced for second and third quarters.
  1. Jonathan confirmed receipt.
  1. Invoiced second of two installments to MB2.  Still awaiting response.
  2. Approximately $5,662 donation to the Ronald McDonald house.
  3. Investigate the strategy for reimbursements for cancelled events
  4. Don Morgan motioned.  Zach Seconded.  Moved.
  1. Operations / Solo Events
  1. Event Chairs
  1. Oct. 28 - Jared
  1. New Business
  1. Banquet
  1. George will host silent auction
  2. Event will be held at MB2
  3. Catering is TBD
  4. $1500 trophy budget
  5. $2500 food budget
  6. Alcohol policy will be reviewed with MB2
  7. Need to declare charity
  8. Date TBD
  1. Establish membership meeting location.
  1. George will check Roosters as a meeting location.
  1. Email blast
  1. George will construct language for facebook post
  1. Michael Teater will be notified to post the message on the site.
  1. Karting at MB2 at $1500 + 500 for postseason challenge
  1. This will be amended.  The two postseason challenge events were cancelled.  Will be using karting only.


  1. Old Business
  1. Promotions / Sponsorships
  1. Review the current contract so we can have more sponsor participation for next year.
  2. Schedule a sponsorship meeting for board to attend to be held in November (second week).
  1. Membership:
  1. New driver experience needs some work.  How do we convert people to members and contributors.  
  1. Need to brainstorm ideas
  2. Kyle will have a page that will explain the conversion process.
  1. Put out a call for positions.
  1. Various positions, board
  1. Reviewed.
  1. Community
  1. Tirerack Street survival still an open item.  Hoping some of the venues can make this a reality.
  1. Need to get a committee together to handle this.
  1. Bob will call Ronald McDonald house so we can present them with the check for the amount of money raised.
  1. Adjourn
  1. Don motioned.  Scott seconded.
  2. Meeting adjourned.
  3. Next meeting is November 1, 2018.