Notes on our Solo / Rally Insurance Waivers

In order to host SCCA sanctioned events, our club must follow guidelines set forth by the SCCA Risk Management department. At our Solo & Rally events, there are basically two different kinds of forms: standard "release and waiver" and "minor waiver".


Remember, our waiver system is what keeps our insurance costs so reasonable in a time of increasing insurance premiums. In fact, some motorsports organizations can’t get insurance – we don’t want that to happen to us!

Notes on Solo / Rally Minor Waivers

These notes are new as of 2004:

  • Minors are considered as anyone under the age of 18.
  • Minors who are only “spectators” can have a minor waiver signed by ONE parent.  They cannot enter grid or the course in Solo (including riding along with a participating driver in Solo or Rally).
  • Minors 12 and older who have a minor waiver signed by BOTH parents can enter grid or ride along.
  • Minors with a valid driver’s license can participate if they have a waiver signed by BOTH parents.  (Of course, minors under 16 can participate in our Solo kart program, but they need to have a waiver signed by BOTH parents.)
  • Minors are able to receive a waiver for the entire calendar year by having a waiver signed by BOTH parents.  Otherwise, they can have a waiver signed for each event.

As with anything that deals with legal issues, the rules are much more complicated.  Feel free to ask any of the event officials – we may not know the answers, but we will know whom to ask.  Thanks in advance for working with us to meet these requirements.