Event: Year End Banquet
Year End Banquet

You are cordially invited to the CKR Celebration and 2018 Kick-Off event on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at 6:30 p.m.  Cost is $20 for the first person in a “family” and $15 for each “family member” afterwards. We’ll have a great buffet, raffle, & many fun activities, including presentation of the 2017 Solo awards.

We will again have the fun Italian Auction to get our competitive juices flowing!  Here’s how it works…..

  1. Bring two items for the auction (should you choose to, this is not mandatory!)….one item should be something that a person might like to have….the other item should be a gag gift or white elephant…..or they both could be!
  2. Wrap each item in black and white newspaper (no Sunday funny papers, please), no bows or ribbons. Keep track of the value of the non-gag gift. When you arrive, someone will record the value of this auction item and you will receive that amount as a “credit” (up to a reasonable amount) you can use to bid during the auction.  Any bids over and above your credit, you will pay for.
  3. Anyone can participate in the auction as a bidder, even if you don’t bring items. You just will not have a credit to start with and will be bidding with your own funds!
  4. We will auction off all the wrapped items just after dinner and you can enjoy bidding against your fellow CKR members to see who gets the best stuff!
  5. And it’s all for a great cause! The funds raised from this will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House charity.

Solo Season Raffle…..

We will repeat our popular raffle for a free season of auto crossing!  Purchase 1 chance for $5 or 5 chances for $20.  Drawing for the raffle will be held after the presentation of awards.

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