2013 Post Season Challenge
2013 Post Season Challenge

For the 2013 CKR solo season we are introducing a new challenge series to complement our regular season points championship. This series will be scored over three events after the regular season is complete. CKR members and associate members are eligible for the challenge series.

  • The first two events of the series will be qualifying events. We will conduct the events as normal fun events.
  • The third event will have two heats....the first will be run normal fun event style and the second will consist of the shootout rounds to determine the series champion.
  • The shootout rounds will be run using a 16 competitor bracket. To fill the brackets we will combine the PAX results of the first two challenge events and the top 10 will qualify for the shootout.
  • The last six spots will be filled by random drawing. Competitors who have not qualified for the shootout will be able to enter the drawing at registration or opt out for the normal fun event heat one.

Shootout procedure:

  • The bracket will be seeded as top 10 PAX then the 6 last chance qualifiers. Competitors will be paired 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15 etc.
  • All qualifiers will take two runs during the first pairing with the fast time advancing. All subsequent pairings are single run elimination. The remaining 8 qualifiers will pair again with the top 4 advancing. Then the last 4 will pair with fast times advancing. Then the last two will pair for the shootout champion!
  • At this point we will have a consolation round and the 13 drivers who were eliminated will have the opportunity to either stand on their fastest run of the day or risk it for a one run shot at a king of the hill consolation prize. This is to ensure all drivers get at least 3 runs.
  • The goal of having this series is to extend competition later in the season. There will be trophies awarded for the top 3 as well as the king of the hill consolation prize.

Please see our 2013 Solo Supplemental Rules for detailed information on our entire ruleset for the 2013 season.

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