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Central Kentucky


Sports Car Club of America


Notes on our Solo Insurance Waivers

In order to host SCCA sanctioned events, our club must follow guidelines set forth by the SCCA Risk Management department. At our Solo events, there are basically two different kinds of forms: standard "release and waiver" and "minor waiver".

The SCCA has implemented a digital annual waiver process for all members, including minors. We highly suggest that all members take advantage of the digital annual waiver process. Members that complete the annual waiver process no longer have to sign paper waiver documents at SCCA events.  CKRSCCA will provide each member that completes the annual waiver process with a rubber bracelet to wear at each CKRSCCA event to note they are annual waiver holders.

To complete the ADULT annual waiver process:

1.  Log in with your SCCA member number at my.scca.com.

2.  Go to Online Store-Licenses and Waivers

3.  Add "Annual Waiver Adult" to the cart

4.  Upload a photo of yourself

5.  Follow the subsequent screen prompts

6.  Complete checkout

For more details and to see the Minor Waiver process please click HERE.

Waivers are required for competitors, riders, and anyone in "hot" areas on site.

Notes on Solo Minor Waivers
  • Minors are considered as anyone under the age of 18.
  • Minors 12 and older who have a minor waiver signed by BOTH parents can enter grid or ride along.
  • Minors with a valid driver’s license can participate if they have a waiver signed by BOTH parents.  
  • The Annual Minor Waiver is good for a a full calendar year
  • Minor waivers must be completed more than 24 hours before an event due to the approval process

  For more information regarding waivers and SCCA Solo rules in general, please click HERE